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About Us:

Has your meal ever been so good that it brought tears of joy to your eyes? Mine has. All the food we eat should be that good. Food is more than about nutrition; more than about fueling our bodies. Food is about family—sitting around the dinner table during the holidays. Food is about love—the way to our hearts. Good food helps make great memories.

And, in our house, we love butter. We really, really love butter! The average American household consumes sixteen pounds of butter each year; in our house, we eat that much every three months. And, why not? Butter is GOOD for you—especially when it’s grass-fed and organic.

Butter is rich in beta carotene, vitamin A, and omega-3 fatty acids. Grass-fed, organic butter has all that plus vitamin K2 (which helps to strengthen bones and prevents calcification in arteries) and up to five-times more anti-cancerous CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) than regular butter. What’s not to love?

So, we asked ourselves: How can we make butter even better?

Flavors…! Delicious, wholesome, all-natural flavors! Imagine a world with only one flavor of ice cream; only one type of yogurt; and only one way to eat oatmeal, bread, and pasta. Scary, right?! Yet that’s exactly where we are with butter.

The world is a colorful place with different climates and cultures and experiences for every personality. It’s time to have such variety in butter. It’s time to elevate butter!

Enter Bijoux Crème, where food is always about creating great memories.

Our Mission:
To Elevate Your Home Culinary Experience by Providing You Only the Best in Flavored Butters

Our Guiding Principles:
Only The Best Flavor Combinations
All-Natural, High-Quality: Always
Maximum Use of Sustainable Ingredients and Materials

Our Origin Story:
“Exotic butter… exotic butter…” This was the chant emanating from two little girls as they skipped their way along one of Miami’s beach walks at dusk. One of the girls was my daughter, the other was the best friend she had met the year before while our two families were on vacation. Our new Miami Friends graciously offered to host us for a week so the girls could reunite—and so we Kansans could experience Miami.

Exotic butter… exotic butter...” It was just such an out-of-place chant. It went on for what seemed like fifteen minutes or more. And, as musical earworms do, it got into my head. Even after the girls moved onto something else, “exotic butter” was still rolling around in my head.

Let’s back up a bit. For “exotic butter” to become Bijoux Crème (the best in gourmet specialty butter), a few things had to come first. First, I grew up an aspiring chef. While my career took a very different turn when I was only twenty years old, my passion for making and eating only the very best foods was instilled in me from a young age. And I’m an entrepreneur—always have been. My first experience working for myself was when I was around ten, going door-to-door selling customizable greeting cards. While that may not seem like much in our Internet-age, pre-Internet customizable greeting cards were a luxury item reserved for people living within proximity to an industrious child like me who responded to an advertisement from the back of Boys’ Life magazine.

Now, back to Miami Beach. There I am with these words, this idea implanted in my brain. “Exotic Butter.” “What does that mean?” “Is anyone making and selling ‘exotic butter?’” “Could I make and sell exotic butter?” “What would that entail?” “What would that look like?”

Fast-forward a year… We now have what I still affectionately and occasionally call exotic butter, but is better known as gourmet specialty butter, or Bijoux Crème. Apart from its origin story, the road to Bijoux Crème has been a journey. A lot of decisions go into the making of a consumer product. Organic or conventional butter? Grass-fed or grain-fed cows? Pasture-grazed? High-quality flavor ingredients or whatever is cheapest? Clean labels? Packed in plastic tubs? Or something else?

If you’ve read this far, you likely already know the answers to those questions—or can easily guess them. To be sure, Bijoux Crème is made from only the finest ingredients, sourced and farmed the best way we know how. Pasture-grazed cows… check! Organic butter… check! The highest quality flavor ingredients… check! Glass jars (vs. plastic)… check! If I wouldn’t want my daughter to eat it, I wouldn’t let you eat it. It’s that good!