Bijoux Crème Gourmet Flavored Butter Product Catalog


(PLEASE NOTE: Due to the cost of shipping perishable food items, the minimum order quantity is six jars. We greatly appreciate your understanding.)

Our overriding goal is to provide you with only the best in flavored butters, enabling you to elevate your home culinary experience.

In addition to using certified organic, grass-fed, European-style butter, all our butters use only the finest all-natural ingredients to bring you an out-of-this-world taste experience.

Bijoux Crème Flavored Butter Product Lineup
Healthy Food Options

Whether you're wanting to effortlessly take your cooking up a notch, impress your guests with an unforgettable menu, or make family mealtime easier, choose from among our line of flavored butters.

6-to-10 Jars per Box | One Box Minimum (mix-and-match flavors)
$120 | Free Shipping!

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